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Institute of Para Medical Technology society is a non-profit organization primarily involved in providing paramedical education through employment-oriented skills training to youth. Over the years, it has supported many students from economically weaker backgrounds and also a large number of dropouts from schools and colleges, who for one reason or the other couldn’t complete their formal education levels.

Primarily, our major focus is on bringing more such youth to our campus and support. As there is a large number of such youth, we need to reach out. Conduct career counseling workshops, seminars, orientations. And those, who seek admission in our courses need to be looked after and their needs fulfilled. So, we are looking for sponsors in this activity. Scholarships is another way through which we have institutionalized this support process and we accept contribution to add numbers to existing ones.

New Courses

As we are part of this constantly changing world where technological transformations happen at a rapid pace and new challenges are born, we are looking at adding more courses so that we can add more skilled workers on supply side. This helps our healthcare sector by way of getting trained workers and youth newer career opportunities.

With a large ageing population, the society, over and above all, needs these workers in plenty today and for many years in future.

Affordable community healthcare

Being a practical oriented paramedical education institute, IPMT, faculty and students attend to actual patients. IPMT has subsidized fee of a nearby OPD medical facility (SS Polyclinic) and in lieu, its faculty and students get to work at its OPDs and labs, etc.

Regular health check up and awareness camps are part of this arrangement and as result, the patients in the neighborhood receive health education and subsidized consultations and diagnostic services.